Hey! I’m Farnood,
I Craft digital experiences that connect and inspire.
I'm a Senior Product Designer at Booking.com, where I bring my passion for design and over 9 years of experience to the table.

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I am Farnood, hailing from Tehran, Iran and now residing in the bustling city of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. With over 9 years of experience under my belt, I've been crafting top-notch digital products and services for a diverse global audience. My unwavering curiosity, combined with my logical mindset and intuitive design approach, sets me apart as a forward-thinking and visionary designer.

Here you can find out about some of the products that I've worked on over the past years:

Monese - Mobile Banking

Senior PRoduct Designer

As a member of the Onboarding team, my role as a Product Designer involved streamlining the onboarding experience while also ensuring it met regulatory requirements. Working collaboratively with my colleagues, we aimed to strike a balance between compliance and a seamless user experience. Our goal was to enable users across Europe and the UK to sign up and open bank accounts by verifying their identity in a user-friendly and localized manner.


Wesual - Photographer Booking Platform

Freelance Design Project

Wesual is an online photography services platform aiming to simplify the process of booking a professional photographer. I was responsible for designing the company's website and the collaborator's online dashboard. It includes a complex task management flow. The project offers management, uploading shots, and managing the portfolio—the website launched in Jan 2021.

Alibaba Travels - Popular Travel Platform in Iran

Head of Mobile applications

I led Alibaba Travel's mobile application redesign project in 2019; the project aimed to increase the mobile platform's order share over the web platform. I Led the entire app redesign from the concept to the release based on user research and usability tests. Alibaba is the most popular OTA in the MENA region.

Kian Digital - Investment Platform

Product Design Lead

Kian digital is the pioneer of wealth tech in Iran; it offers mobile banking, investments, payments, and PFM. I led the product design team to design the first version of Kian apps before launch. Kian digital is a subsidiary of Kian Capital Management, an Iranian investment banking institute.

Chabok.io - Marketing Automation

Freelance Web Design and Branding Project

Chabok is an Iranian marketing automation platform offering user segmentation, messaging, push, and analytics. During the first days, I designed its identity, website, and mobile application.

Dunro - Crowdsource Business Reviews

Senior Product Designer

Dunro is a location-based social platform for searching and finding local businesses nearby. As the head of product design, I led the design team to gradually improve the product by designing a complex gamification engine, improving the search UX, crowdsourced data, and user loyal users' contribution to the platform.

Digikala - Largest Ecommerce Platform in MENA

Product Designer

Digikala is a leading e-commerce organization with a firm grip in multiple online industries, including consumer goods, fashion & apparel, e-books, content publishing, digital advertising, big data, fintech, FMCG, and logistics. I've designed Digikala's early iOS and Android applications. Millions of users had downloaded these apps since then.

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