What is NeoAves Emarginatus?

NeoAves Emarginatus is a fictional scientific name for a series of computer-generated birds I created by programming. It means "New round-edged birds" in old Greek.
I started this personal project to learn how to code generative art. It is a pandemic-fueled side-project for me.

Looking for an idea to test my code, I found my first dribbble shot a good idea. Curious Crow gained a decent amount of views and likes as my first dribbble shot. So I took the idea to generate birds with different traits.

Birds Traits

Each bird is made from 6 to 8 different traits and each trait is inspired by real birds and natural environments.

I designed more than 120 different traits. Some traits are very rare and have lower probabilities.

To name traits I used some funny computer generated names (environments, colors, etc) too.

How many birds?

With that number of traits it is possible to create at least 943,433,000 unique birds! but I decided to limit the first batch to 100. These 100 birds are unique, some of them has very rare properties.


I minted these 100 birds on OpenSea, and through the journey learned how NFTs work, what is minting and how crazy are Ethereum gas fees!

You can see each 100 birds here in my OpenSea collection and perhaps you can buy one of them and own a unique digital bird specie in your collection.

Do they Extinct someday?

Each NFT has an unlockable content which is a link to the original PNG file hosted on IPFS (The InterPlanetary File System) network, which is a peer-to-peer network. That will ensure the original file will always live somewhere out there and never get lost or extinct. So if you own a NeoAves you're sure 10 years from now it will not get lost.

What's the point?

With the rise of NFTs, that question is rising too. What is the point of it? I always recall how we decided to give value to gold, even to imaginary concepts like 'companies' and brand names. I see NFTs the same. If enough people decide to give something value, it is valuable. At least there's a decent amount of work, creativity and pain behind some of NFTs out there.

What's next?

Although my intention was (and still is) to learn how to create art with coding, NeoAves has now become an obsession for me. To start and grow an idea, experimenting the ways to gain exposure and build trust and value are the new things that NeoAves brought to me.

I may mint new collections later!

I Buy

I Rarity

Possible Birds 943,433,000
Emarginatus Batch 100 birds
BAckground 25
Body 26
Coloration 6
Pattern 7
Contour 5
Eye 10
Beak 18
Wing 24

I Rare Beaks

Grain Eating Mango %1
Grain Eating Sky %2
Raptorial Bone %3

I Rare Bodies

Western Swamphen %1
Hyacinth Macaw %1
California Gull %1
Yellow Robin %2

I Rare Contours

Rouge %2
Teal %1

I Rare Colorations

Jungle Belly %2
Robin %1
Space Belly %1

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