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How I improved Monese introduction app screens by A/B testing



My role

Product Designer - Onboarding

The problem

During our user testing sessions, I discovered that these pieces of info are not being completely read by users and most of them skip this knowingly it contains all the info they already know about Monese. We also had a problem with existing users on the Login button findability that caused accidental account creation instead of logging in.

Using a carousel-style introduction screen is an ancient must-have pattern in almost any app, we have this at Monese too. This screen tries to be the solution to the need of introducing our key services and qualities with minimum text accompanied by gorgeous illustrations.

The hypothesis

Users who download the app, already know what Monese does and what are its core values. They even see that info on our AppStore or Google Play Store pages.

We also had a screen containing a list of more detailed features on one of our previous user tests that performed very well and served as a key screen for the new users to know about Monese in detail. 

Also, a high percentage of our users are familiar with challenger banks and already are a customer of a few of them. So they need more detailed info to compare the services and features.

For the existing users, the login button should have the clear 'Login' wording, and also it should not have equal weight with the signup.

The design

The idea was to have a simple introductory screen that only shows our most distinguished brand element, Monese slick cards, with a link to detailed features.

The results

We did the A/B testing on both Android and iOS platforms and the result backed my hypothesis. We had a total increase of 15% on the signups, and also the new features screen, which has a signup button itself, performed very well. Also, the drop-offs from the intro screen reduced around 20% which was surprisingly high. The median time on screen increased over 2 seconds, which can be translated to the fact that the screen drawn more attention and people interact with the feature list. We also had a 6% increase on the login screen button direct clicks, which can mean the new design is more clear for the users and it prevented wrong clicks on the signup button.

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